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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Jul 03, 2017)
fuck you all
(Mar 01, 2017)
If we need to have "Game Server" Info can we at least have it on games currently being played
(Feb 15, 2017)
(Jan 26, 2017)
Congrats on ur big news herb
(Jan 26, 2017)
Yes deathheart ak a the person with nighthawks voice
(Jan 26, 2017)
Hi herb :D guess my shout out was thr first of 2017
(Jan 24, 2017)
Amusl3ss is that rly you????
(Jan 23, 2017)
(Jan 23, 2017)
(Jan 23, 2017)
hi :D
(Dec 29, 2016)
who wants a kiss from the toothless bastard
(Dec 18, 2016)
sim ive been watching the doc since before u were born... Congrats to herb and herbette!
(Dec 18, 2016)
Congrats on the big news, Herb!!!!
(Dec 15, 2016)
@Nuke you finally discovered the best streamer on twitch
(Dec 14, 2016)
cool beans
(Dec 14, 2016)
I added you, Gen
(Dec 08, 2016)
btw deathheart.. did you change your name on steam, I think I may have accidentally removed you becuase i didnt recognize the name
(Dec 08, 2016)
I'm doing well, life is a lot busier than it once seemed. Miss playing with you all, I don't really play anything other than cs.
(Dec 06, 2016)
"peeks from under a rock"